Note: First familiarise yourself with this linguistic category by having a look at the respective level desriptors in the ICAO Language Proficiency Rating Scale.

The elements of vocabulary are words and fixed expressions comprising several words. They are often separated into function words (usually fulfilling a grammatical role) and content words related to topics being discussed. The level of proficiency will be apparent in the accuracy, range and speed of access to the vocabulary required in a given situation. This skill (lexical competence) also includes paraphrasing skills. The learning processes involved in the development of lexical competence are:

a) identification and memorization of new items;

b) recognition and retrieval in context;

c) application of rules for word formation (morphology);

d) application of “collocational” knowledge (words frequently occurring together in pairs or in word clusters);

e) correct use of words in their grammatical and syntactic context.


Stage a)

Relevant lists of vocabulary:

Learning by listening and repeating:

Other resources:

large English vocabulary lists

Aviation dictionaries


Stage b)


Read the following texts from wikipedia about aeronautical concepts and memorize the words you did not know:

Stage a) to e)

On an airplane - English vocabulary lesson



Words that might be needed at the airport...



Learning English at the airport


Listen for the vocabulary necessary to talk about cockpit instruments and the respective function...



Practical aviation expressions


Words/ expressions that helps you talk about the weather...